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Horseback Riding

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Our renowned baseball coach, Gary McClurg, has led many state champion teams and has shared his skills with our campers since 1972. He works with campers one-on-one and with the team, and is often seen “shagging” fly balls with campers until dark.


Both Street Hockey and Roller Hockey have been popular activities at camp for many years. Our hockey rink features professional boards and is always full of campers. Individual instruction as well as teams practices and inter-camp game take place on a regular basis. Indian Acres is the host of the most popular hockey tournament in Maine.


Flag Football takes place regularly on both our upper and lower fields. Everything from touchdown passes to the double reverse makes this an exciting activity. Participation is for all levels with team and individual instruction. Indian Acres host the only camp tournament in the State of Maine!

Flag Football

With six tennis courts and experienced staff, campers of any skill-level have the chance to expand their skills. Throughout the summer, any child wanting to compete against other camps will be included on the team. We have an annual 6-8 camp invitational.


We offer beach volleyball, 2-on-2 volleyball,indoor volleyball, and volleyball at the lake. Our volleyball staff has made this activity a part of our regular program. Lots of instruction, in-camp tournaments, inter-camp tournaments and just a whole lot of fun.

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Campers play “ball” in our spectacular gymnasium or on our outdoor court. Instructions and games are available for all age groups under the directions of our outstanding coaching staff. All campers are invited to participate in inter-camp sports.


We have two full sized soccer fields with regulation sized goals. Whether during instructional hours or simply during free time, you will always see campers enjoying themselves on the field. Our expert coaches from the U.S and Europe ensure that our campers receive only the best instruction.


Our Lacrosse program offers instruction for all levels and we have in-camp and inter-camp games available for anyone interested in playing this fast moving and exciting game. Quality instruction from coaches versed in all aspects of Lacrosse make this one of our popular actvivites.


Each day campers can practice their driving, putting, and pitching skills on the open fields. Those campers committed to golf may also travel to local driving ranges or take a day to play 9 or 18 holes.


We have have a heated Olympic pool; a unique feature for a sleep away camp in Maine. Campers attend instructional swimming in the pool everyday. Swimming is supervised by instructors holding WSI licenses and campers are taught following Red Cross certification levels.


We offer block scheduling for maximum opportunity to learn these awesome skills. Campers spend up to 3 hours at a time on our lake (Lovewell Pond). We are proud to maintain and operate four power boats on the waterfront allowing your child ample time to practice their skills.

Waterski + Wakeboarding

We offer block scheduling for maximum opportunity to learn this invaluable skill. Campers can spend up to 3 hours at a time on our lake (Lovewell Pond). They can practice and learn their sailing techniques on our 8 sunfish sail boats and 1 Javelin which is for multiple people at one time.


This is one of our most popular activities. Kids have a choice of doing river fishing on the Saco or can go out after dinner to Lovewell Pond to try and catch the “one that got away”!


We offer block scheduling for maximum opportunity to learn this invaluable skill. Campers can spend up to 3 hours at a time on our lake (Lovewell Pond). In addition by good fortune of being situated on the pristine clean waters of the Saco River campers with appropriate supervision can “put in” right on our banks and go on day long canoe trips.

Kayak + Canoe

Our state of the art ropes course is the backbone of our outdoor education and leadership programs. With 13 low ropes elements and 10+ high ropes elements, three way climbing wall and two famous zip wires, campers gain a world of confidence from our course.

Ropes Course + Zipline

Inspired by the hit television show, we have our own America Ninja Warrior course. This course promotes physical strength and calculation while providing excitement and challenges to children of all ages and strengths.

America Ninja Warrior
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It may look like just a circle, but inside is where the excitement happens. A popular game among junior and intermediate campers, gaga is a fun way to get your kids outside, involved and active in friendly competition.


Campers can choose to go on hikes almost everyday on some of the most famous trails in America. From a night hike to our annual overnight to the top of Mount Washington, it's one of the favorite memories of camp.

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Our fitness center offers the opportunity to get “pumped” but also can build your cardio and flexibility. We have a full circuit of weights as well as implement the use of tension bands and our special “Jedi training” for the youngest kids. Each camper can have a personalized program designed for their needs. We also offer long distance running for children who are interested in that sport.

Weight Training

Our professional archery range is an active area at camp. Campers can gain archer certification as well as compete in inter-camp archery tournaments. Our range includes a variety of different style targets.


The Art Center is always full of activity. Campers get to create many different projects using watercolors, oil paints, drawing, crafts, lanyard creation and so much more.

Creative Arts
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We offer a full range of Digital Photography with state of the art camera’s and color printers so the campers can see their work immediately after taking the pictures. In the Photo room kids can do projects both on the computer using Adobe Photo Shop or with real printed photos.


Our art center has five potters wheels for kids to build their own pots, cups and other ceramic goods. Campers get the chance to form, fire and paint their artwork, and are often excited to bring at least one piece home to mom and dad!


At the School of Rock campers can learn how to play in a band, learn new songs and jam in a supervised and professional environment. Campers are encouraged to participate in what they have learned at camp fire or for the Talent show during the summer. The School of Rock boasts both electric and acoustic guitars, drums, and electric piano. Campers are always encouraged to bring their instruments from home to join the band!

School of Rock
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Campers will enjoy the thrill of this X-treme activity. Campers ride thru the woods on pre-cut trails. Occasionally after a tough ride, campers will get a special treat at the local Fryeburg Ice cream store located right at the end of a trailhead that we use.

Mountain Biking
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Campers can build and launch their very own rockets once they are completed in the art center. In addition campers can design and build out of wood their very own boat and pinewood derby race cars. Once complete they can have races in the swimming pool or on the tennis courts to see who is the best engineer!

Woodworking + Rocketry

Coming Summer 2020

Robotics + Coding STEM