Forest acres is my home away from home. I wait 10 months 2 every year just so I can go back to Fryeburg, Maine and smell the pines. Camp is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I don’t know why! maybe the people, the friends I make, or just the feeling of watching the sunset over the Saco River. Camp means everything to me.
– Logan, Briarcliff Manor, NY (camper)
Having children at both Forest Acres and Indian Acres, we have always been able to enjoy our summers knowing that our kids are safe and happy with their summer families. No matter what day of the year it is, Andy is always able to tell us exactly how many days until camp starts.
– Amy and Jeff, Livingston, NJ
IA is a place that never stops giving back. Over the 9 summers I have spent there, I have met so many great people, learned life lessons that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else, and I have found a place that I truly can call Home.”
–– David L., RI (camper)
My daughter, Heather, always said that Camp Forest Acres taught her how to be a better friend. The ethos of the camp stresses the importance of making and keeping friends for a lifetime, being considerate of others, and always putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. When we moved abroad and Heather was thrown into a new school with new people and unfamiliar customs, she knew how to adapt, make friends and succeed at becoming a leader… thanks to FA.
– Ariella, Newton MA
Forest acres has been home to me ever since I first arrived there. Thinking of it every day while I’m away, making friendships that I know will last me a lifetime.
– Dana H., Chicago, IL
At Forest Acres, we have learned the meaning of true friendship. The bonds we have created here are sure to last us a lifetime, and the memories are unforgettable. F.A. has made us the confident and caring young women we are today."
– Emily. Key West, FL (camper)