At Forest Acres and Indian Acres, we believe we provide a true brother/sister camp experience. The boys camp and girls camp are located two miles apart from each other, separated by the Fryeburg fairgrounds. During camp days, the boys practice activities at Indian Acres, while the girls practice their activities at Forest Acres. Although the camps are separate, we bring both camps together throughout the summer for wonderfully planned events.

The youngest kids (7-12 years old) see each other about once per week. As the kids get older, they see one another more frequently. During the daytime, the only activity offered is co-ed drama. The 13-16-year-old campers will have the chance to act in The Coed Play. The Coed Play is a musical directed by Andy "Ang" Cornblatt, our theater director. The oldest campers also have co-ed activities such as dances, bowling or s'mores.

Campers can send letters to each other via The Pony Express, our in-camp mail system. It's a fantastic way for brothers, sisters, and cousins to share camp stories throughout the summer.
Brothers, sisters and cousins also get to see each other every Sunday during the summer

Special events like The Fourth of July offer a huge community camp celebration. Both camps join together for a fun day at Indian Acres ending the day with an awesome display of fireworks.

Campers create forever friendships with their bunkmates, but they create bonds with kids at the opposite camp, too. These bonds will last a lifetime. And it's because of this, that Indian and Forest Acres is-- truly-- "two camps, one community."